Construction Wholesale Solutions

We supply branded electrical wiring and cables for medium and low voltage works. We combine ASEAN-sourced products and Europe-based manufacturing to deliver a well-rounded supply solution for commercial and industrial applications.

Low Voltage Cables

Copper Conductor

  • Insulating Sheath: PVC or XLPE
  • Design: Single Core // 2~4 Cores
  • APAC: AS/NZS 5000.1 // JIS C3307
  • EU: IEC 60227-3,4,5 // IEC 60502-1
  • Rating: 300V up to 1KV

Aluminum Conductor

  • Insulating Sheath: PVC or XLPE
  • Design: Single/Twin Cores // Aerial Bunched
  • APAC: AS/NZS 5000.1 // AS/NZS 3560
  • EU: IEC 60227-3,4,5 // IEC 60502-1
  • Rating: 600V up to 1KV

Hard-drawn Conductors

  • Copper: 10mm² – 185mm²
  • Aluminum: 10mm² – 400mm²
  • APAC standard: TCVN 6483
  • EU standard: BS EN 7884

Fire Resistant Low Voltage Cables

  • Conductor: Copper or Aluminum
  • Design: One up to Four Cores
  • Insulating Sheaths: FR-PVC and XLPE
  • APAC: TCVN 5935
  • EU: IEC 60502-1 // IEC 60331-21 // IEC 60332-3 Cat. C // BS 6387 Cat. C
  • Rating: 600V – 1KV

Medium Voltage Cables

  • Conductor: Copper or Aluminum
  • Insulating Sheaths: PVC and XLPE
  • APAC standard: TCVN 5935
  • EU standard: IEC 60502-2
  • Rating: 12/20(24)KV
  • Metal cladding: Available
  • Water resistance: Available

Magnetic Cables

  • Conductor: Imported Copper / Aluminum / CCA 
  • Standard: TCVN 7675-57:2015 (Equiv. to IEC 60317-57:2010)
  • Heat resistance: Up to 200˚C – 220˚C
  • Varnish: EI/AIW (high gloss, good adhesion, easy to handle)

Specialist Cables

We work with highly specialized manufacturers to deliver bespoke cables according to specifications for a wide range of applications.

We maintain awareness of emerging technologies and methodologies to deliver cutting edge quality and value for money.

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