Construction Wholesale Solutions

We supply a diverse range of industrial lighting and related accessories. We combine Asia-sourced products and Europe-based manufacturing to deliver a well-rounded supply solution for industrial applications.

Supply Capabilities

Industrial Flood Light

Includes body unit

Multiple housing designs

50W up to 120W

Three light colours

Lifetime: 50000h

Fluorescent Lights

Multiple lengths

Highly efficient bulbs

Flush-mounted or hanging fixings

UV Light

Portable Design

UV 254nm /185nm

Germicidical effect

Indoor Growing LEDs

Highly customizable designs

Design consultation services

Energy efficient and durable

Reading Lamps

Multiple Designs

USB charger

Universal socket

Ceiling LEDs

12W / 18W / 25W

Splash resistant

Track Lights

Multiple colours

Modular design

Mobile Lamp

15W / 18W / 21W

LED light included

Swivel head

Markets Supplied

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Kingdom of Cambodia

Comprehensive Range

Overhead, Wall-mounted, and Portable Lighting

Multiple light colours

Indoor / Outdoor lighting

Robust Supply Chain

Border-to-Border P.O management

Quick delivery

Favorable terms of trade

Global Track Record

Our products can be found on 7 continents


Strictly compliant to EU standards

Sales Structures

Product Catalogue

Electrical Wires & Cables

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Power Transformer

Cable Containment

Power Distribution Units

Data Management

Residential Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

Junction Boxes

Switches & Sockets