Bring Your Supply Chain To Life

360 Trade is a General Trading Company based in Vietnam and Cambodia.

We deliver cost-saving, revenue-driving, brand-enhancing, and profit-maximizing supply chain and market development solutions as servicer, supplier, and consultant. We do so in a transparent, seamless, agile, and strategically-oriented way. 

We are your trusted specialist in international commerce.

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We deliver 360˚ solutions, 365 days a year

  • Proven team with broad expertise
  • Transparent processes and mechanisms
  • Collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain
  • Best-in-class protocols
  • Quality at economical prices

In-House Resources

Simple, comprehensive, and powerful resources

  • Pre-qualified Supply Network
  • Knowledgeable Experts
  • Expansive Local and International Understanding
  • Quality Control and Logistics Management

Proven Track Record Across Diverse Market Sectors

Our team in Vietnam and Cambodia have proven track records across diverse industries and marketplaces.

  • Business Expansion
  • Project Management
  • Source & Supply
  • Product Launch
  • Branding & Digital Marketing

Alan Jamieson

General Director

Alan is a serial entrepreneur and executive with a specialized background in business development and supply chain solutions in the electronics, waste management, and medical sector. Alan has successfully built wholesale and supply solutions businesses across multiple industries and marketplaces in Europe and Southeast Asia.

  • Waste Management & Medical Devices
  • Electrical Equipment & Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Business Development
  • International Sales & Market Development

William Wood

Operations Director

William is a seasoned leader and engineer with a breadth of experience in project managing large and complex contracts, benchmarked to world class quality, cost, and completion targets. Woody has been critical to the success of many water management projects currently in service in the Middle East.

  • Water and Sewage Management
  • Alloys and Claddings
  • Public Works Project Management
  • Cross-border Logistics

Alex Nguyen

Marketing Director

Alex is a strategic thinker and value-engineer with experience in ERP software planning and development. Alex has been a part of multiple business’ restructuring in the medical services sector, where he organized strategic pivots and innovation initiatives.

  • Healthcare Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Technology Transfer
  • Change Management
  • Business-model Innovation

Agile, Powerful, and Dynamic Work Models

We fulfill your commercial goals through three flagship models

  • Retained Business Developer
  • Supplier and Outsourced Procurement Unit
  • Project-based Consultant

Retained Business Developer

We are aligned with your core values and integrated with your team to deliver meaningful growth to your business.

  • Strategic consultation
  • Tailored project planning
  • Metrics-based execution
  • Build your brand value
  • Initiatives with long-term impact
  • 24/7 standby support

Supplier and Outsourced Procurement Unit

We combine technical expertise and best-in-class processes to deliver quality, flexibility, and profitability to your existing or developing supply chains.

  • Trusted Vendors across hundreds of categories
  • Improve your bottom line without compromising quality
  • Launch new products or brands
  • Reliable and stable supply lines

Project-based Consultancy

We ensure your goals and requirements are satisfied

  • Market Development, Licensing, and Partnerships
  • Project management and auditing
  • Total transparency and trust

Product Categories

We offer the best-in-class products across a wide range of product categories

  • Healthcare: Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and OS&E
  • Infrastructure: Tools, Consumables, Materials, and Devices
  • Automotive Care: Equipment, Tools, Consumables, and Chemicals
  • Toys & Games: Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, and Wooden Products
  • Hospitality: FF&E, and OS&E

And more

Supply Network

Effective & Credible

Your gateway to resourceful, ethical, and circular manufacturing in Southeast Asia

  • Economies of Scale
  • Resource Efficient
  • Innovative
  • International Standards
  • OEM/ODM Solutions

We Support You From Start To Finish

We build tools and capacities to overcome common bottlenecks

  • We make sure that we get the right product delivered
  • We use our Network to find the right Vendors
  • We consult you at every step of the way
  • We utilise supply market intelligence, to identify opportunities and drive informed decision making

Your Trusted Experts On The Ground

By working with effective and established partners in Vietnam and Cambodia, we:

  • We solve unique supply chain issues by developing tailored solutions
  • We drive significant savings and elevate your supply chain through our insights, best practices and expert advisory resources

Value creation

We help businesses increase overall value by:

  • Conducting case-specific tender processes across multiple pre-verified vendors
  • Analyzing cost structures and current events to orient and optimize the supply chain
  • Maintain understanding of best-in-class and emerging technologies to evolve the value chain

Partnerships with R&D Institutions

We foster innovative supply chains

  • Quick turnaround
  • International standards
  • Low barriers to entry