Construction Wholesale Solutions

We supply a diverse range of power distribution units and multi-functional extension sockets. We combine ASEAN-sourced products and Europe-based manufacturing to deliver a well-rounded supply solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Supply Capabilities

High-capacity PDUs

EU/UK/US/Japan Standards

15A / 30A / 32A

Office PDUs

Ethernet cables

Ample room for large plugs

Power Adapters 

Diverse catalogue

Universal suitability

Markets Supplied

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Kingdom of Cambodia

Comprehensive Range

Suitable to multiple energy demand levels

Diverse range of accessories

ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001

Robust Supply Chain

Border-to-Border P.O management

Quick delivery

Favorable terms of trade

Global Track Record

Our products can be found on 7 continents

Made-to-order services available

JIS / IEC / AS / TCVN Standards

Sales Structures

Product Catalogue

Electrical Wires & Cables

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Power Transformer

Cable Containment

Power Distribution Units

Data Management

Residential Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

Junction Boxes

Switches & Sockets