Comprehensive MEP Wholesale

Qualified and inspected vendors meeting international standards

Combination of price, quality, and deliverability

Boots on the ground in Vietnam and Cambodia

Border-to-border P.O management

Supports OEM/ODM manufacturing

Product Catalogue

Electrical Wires & Cables

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Power Transformer

Cable Containment

Power Distribution Units

Data Management

Residential Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

Junction Boxes

Switches & Sockets


Vendor Selection Criteria

  1. Professional vendor with proven construction wholesale track record
  2. For ASEAN-based vendors: Sophisticated control of value chain
  3. For European-based vendors: Established brandnames
  4. Combination of price, quality, and deliverability
  5. Ethical and socially responsible corporate management
  6. Resource efficient and sustainable manufacturing practices

Sales Structures

Value-added Activities

  • Viability assessment
  • Factory inspection and live demonstration
  • Logistics management
  • Financial solutions (case-by-case basis)
  • OEM/ODM through managed procurement

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