Business Development: Listed VN100 Corporation

Working with key decision-makers, core staff, and advisors, 360 Trade facilitated the launch of a new business unit from the ground up, joining the Client on a journey of corporate diversification marked by the start of a new business cycle. 

  • Supplier assessment guideline creation
  • Market analysis and product development
  • Partnership pipeline development
  • Go-to-market consultation 
Pharmaceuticals Medical Devices Nutraceuticals

Procurement: 50-year-old UK distributor and manufacturer

The client faced delivery disruption and price increases of leverage items due to COVID-19. 360 Trade remediated the issue by conducting a sourcing program across three manufacturing countries of origin.

  • Organized and inspected new vendors
  • Set up transparent supply chain
  • Selected secondary and tertiary suppliers
  • Delivered product exceeded initial specification requirements
  • Delivered on-budget and on-time
Fasteners Roofing

Procurement: Best-in-class retail service franchise

The client is a Vietnam-based best-in-class automotive services franchise with +10 locations. 360 Trade worked with the ownership group to develop proprietary supply chains for flagship offerings.

  • Sourced strategic items
  • End-product formulation enhancement
  • Localized manufacturing services
  • P.O management
Protective Film Auto-care Chemicals

Procurement: Sustainable consumer packaged goods

The client is an enterprising creative launching a suite of trademarked and sustainable children’s toys. 360 Trade ensured a stable, ready, price-stable, and profitable supply chain.

  • Identified best-in-class supplier (ISO 14001 & FSC-certified)
  • Verified upstream material quality and certification authenticity
  • Developed framework agreement with supplier 
  • Maintained stable price levels throughout time
Wooden Toys Paper Toys


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