Vietnam is nation with a large population, robust and educated workforce, consistent population growth, and an economic base that is comparatively resilient to external macro economic shocks.

The country’s geography makes it suitable for differing value-added manufacturing, across multiple sectors. This is backed by a pre-existing and incoming workforce dominated by STEM and business management graduates (>40%).

The cultural and political cohesion is, in comparison to many other ASEAN nations, much more stable.

  • Best total value
  • Integrated planning
  • On-the-ground in Vietnam
  • Pre-existing network
  • Strategic framework model
  • Transparent facilitation
  • Cost structure monitoring
  • Quality audits


360 Trade is able to provide in-depth and real-time insights to support the initial phases of a strategic sourcing program, backed by import/export data, understanding of manufacturing processes and cost structures, experiential knowledge through continued engagement with a wide range of vendors, advice from our network of industry experts, and decades of in-house experience managing cross-border commerce.


360 Trade is able to streamline RFP / RFQ / RFI processes by tapping a pre-existing network of factories and industrial groups. We enhance due diligence processes by conducting in-person inspections and facilitate direct meetings with decision-makers.Leveraging our experience in negotiations, we support our clients during the negotiations phase by completing fact-finding missions, conducting benchmark analysis, establishing shared quality management standards and processes, and ultimately developing workable, win-win, and sustainable contracts.

Expertise highlight

Work with a highly specialised and lean team, with proven experience and a wide range of skills.

Mr. William Wood

Operations Director

Expertise: Project Management

>$1B: total project value managed, from conception through to commissioning

William is a seasoned leader and engineer with a breadth of experience in project managing large and complex contracts, benchmarked to world class quality, cost, and completion targets. “Woody” has been critical to the success of many water management projects currently in service in the Middle East.

Email: william@360trade.vn

Expertise: Contract Establishment

>20 years: establishing complex supply and service contracts throughout the private and public sector

Alan is a serial entrepreneur and executive with a specialized background in business development and supply chain solutions in the electronics, waste management, and medical sector. Alan has successfully built wholesale, supply solutions, and services businesses across multiple industries and marketplaces in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Email: alan@360trade.vn

Mr. Alan Jamieson

General Director


As the strategic sourcing project moves past contracting phase, 360 Trade can assure suppliers’ compliance to quality standards and agreed terms and conditions.

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