360 Trade offers bespoke supply solutions, procurement management, and supply chain management services across automotive, HVAC, energy, medical, consumer, and industrial applications.

We help you navigate both prototyping and scale-up phases, and work with a broad number of verified vendors of various scales, ensuring a “right-fit” solution can be organised for your unique benefit.

Our entire workflow ensures protection of proprietary information and intellectual property, legally assured for and extended to our network of Vietnam-based vendors.

  • ISO-certified
  • Energy/resource-efficient
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Flexible order volumes
  • Unique value-for-money for each case
  • Ability to handle complex requirements
quality shipments
  • Reduce defects and low workmanship
  • Transparent and timely communication
  • Benchmarked to international standards


Regardless of their scale, we typically only choose to work with metal fabrication factories with multiple value-added processes in-house. The exception is when value-added processes are completed in an affiliated factory located within a short distance from the main factory.

  • Electronic Discharge Milling (EDM)
  • Welding / Heavy-duty fabrication
  • CNC machining
  • Stamping / Bending
  • Metal casting
  • and more

(Image: final product – factory 40 minutes from HCM city downtown)

360 Trade quality assurance

Our quality assurance starts with an in-house expertise of engineering, which is then applied to thorough inspections of every potential vendor. Critical within such inspections is a review of the current status of the equipment, the ability of the factory’s in-house quality assurance lab, labour/social code, critical manufacturing processes, and ethics of the management. Once vendors are verified to meet 360 Trade’s internal standards in reality, various contracts are signed to assure non-disclosure, non-circumvention, protection of intellectual property, as well as standards of communications and workflow.

(Image: on-site inspection – 50 minutes from Hanoi downtown)


Some of the best value available in the marketplace cannot be found online. In fact, such factories make it their core business differentiator to maintain no/low online presence, and a high level of discretion.

Being on the ground in Vietnam, and co-owned by locals, 360 Trade is able to navigate such contexts and achieve efficiency, quality and value that rivals the most competitive markets worldwide.

Critically, we add a human touch to the entire process, providing you solutions that doesn’t just fit right, but feels right.

(Image: on-site inspection – 50 minutes from HCM city downtown)

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