Our business group offers expansive and tailor-made market expansion services backed by national-scale and international-standard assets. The entire commercialization process from ideation, to import, to sales and marketing may be completed for your unique needs. 

The professional teams and associated medical expert network is well-rounded and capable of developing pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, medical devices, medical equipment, and medical consumables.

  • Market research
  • Business planning
  • Licensing & Registration
  • Import & Storage
  • Coordination & Delivery
  • Public & Private Tender
  • Research & Workshops
  • Market development strategy
  • D2C & Retail Marketing

national logistics network

The warehousing network spans the Northern, Central, and Southern provinces of Vietnam, and are strategically located in logistics hubs and growing urban centres.

The infrastructure is well-equipped to handle cold chain logistics throughout the nation, and maintain centralized -15C warehousing in Ho Chi Minh city.

A fleet of owned trucks and standing relationships with internationally-recognized third-party logistics providers is maintained.


The core of our business service group is Vietnamese-owned, Vietnamese-managed, and entirely dedicated to the improvement of the overall wellbeing of those living within Vietnam.

The team members are extensively experienced throughout all the stages of the commercialization process, and maintains a high level of legal and operational expertise.



Our group is open to innovative (and experimental) technologies and treatments, and maintain close relationships with local pioneers to quickly, reliably, and resoundingly deliver first-in-class solutions to the Vietnamese market.

For each and every product we review, for any and all relevant business activities, a stringent review is conducted to ensure that the local healthcare practitioners, administrators, and related public/private insurance benefits systems are in place to maximize access to healthcare.


We maintain a broad and experienced network of consultants and in-house experts who frequently advise is on research, development, market analysis, sales & marketing, and after-sales consultation. A clinical review is done for every product we service or distribute to ensure its compatibility with the current local healthcare system, as well as its true value-added qualities to the current market.

We pride ourselves on being able to discuss the nuances of product quality, logistics considerations, and overall therapeutic value with our serviced local distributors, our partnered suppliers, and our local customers.

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