International Standards

Sold worldwide and field-tested and proven by our affiliated auto-care services partner based in Vietnam.

Robust Supply

Manufactured and delivered by the world’s leading manufacturers and logistics providers.


Built for powerful invoicing terms and repeat business. (Case-by-case, suitable for enterprise customers only).


Our automotive care supply program is developed in partnership with Car Care Centre (member of Vietnam Car Care Group), an industry leader in automotive detailing and general car care services. Car Care Centre ensures the products sourced and supplied meets industry standards and according to our Value for Money standards.

Vietnam Car Care Group uses our products daily in their 13 franchise locations all around Vietnam.

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At 360 Trade we work closely with manufacturers and research organizations to deliver a quality range of products across the equipment, tools, chemicals, and consumable categories. 

Our Private Label business model allows us to brand all of the range in your desired brand name and/or according to your technical specifications.

Special focus is placed on products for washing, we are able to produce different types of shampoo, at high volume and low cost. In addition, we also offer products for self-service washing stations.

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Product Catalogue

Nitrile Gloves

Paint Protection Film

Window Tint

Ceramic and Graphene Coatings

Shampoo Concentrate

Rust Remover

Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Water Spot Remover

Glass Cleaner

Ceramic Paint Sealant

Plastic Restorer

Underbody Coating

Polishing Compound

Contamination Remover

Polishing Foam Pads

Polishing Machine


Microfibre Towels